We’re in this together.

Get to know our close-knit family so we can grow together.


Our Values

Entreprenurial Grit

The love of a new challenge, belief in effort, scrappy resilience in the face of setbacks, seeking radical impact in everything you do.

Generosity of Spirit

A joy of solving issues for self and others, eliciting joy, happiness, and limitless possibilities in common everyday miracles.

Humble Curiosity

A love of meeting new people and exploring the world with reckless innocence, and a sense of adventure and wonder.

Joyful Energy

To uplift the spirit of one another through an adrenaline rush of positive energy, celebrating all that is good in the world is as important for our collective health.

Uncompromising Standards

Relishing feedback and simply refusing to accept the unacceptable.

Our Founders

Taddy Bletcher

Taddy Bletcher

Tendrel Founder | South Africa

Willy Foote

Tendrel Founder | United States
Rodrigo Baggio

Rodrigo Baggio

Tendrel Founder | Brazil
Jeroo Billimoria

Jeroo Billimoria

Tendrel Founder | India